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Justifying conversion rate optimisation (CRO) budgets

So you’ve done the research, spent hours reading blog posts and white papers, had in depth discussions with colleagues and attended seminars.

You’ve even got the nod of approval from the design team but you find still yourself sitting at your desk and wondering about that one ever so important thing it all hinges on…

How do you convince your boss to invest in Conversion rate optimisation?

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Full service Conversion optimisation can seem like a daunting task:

Luckily I’ve put together an 8 part blog series covering everything from Research, Strategy and Split test planning to page design optimisation.

8 Steps to achieve maximum optimisation:

  1. Understanding your business needs and goals
  2. Discover and Research your website, market and competition
  3. Benchmark and Measure your current results (if applicable)
  4. Recommend a bespoke strategy, landing page variations and test plan
  5. Create Custom Optimised landing pages. Fully wire framed concepts for designers to create
    • Copywriting and content
    • Usability (user testing and heat maps/feed back tools)
    • Trust building and Social proof
    • Call to actions and customer journey
    • Best practice design
    • Onsite SEO
    • Analytics goal tracking implementation or support for your team
    • Segmentation and Traffic targeting
    • Post conversion and follow up marketing
  6. Implement the new landing pages and test plan
  7. Analysis of results and Reporting
  8. Continued testing to maximise the conversion rate

Knowledge of Online marketing in general goes a long way towards creating a successful optimisation campaign. You need a good understanding of the type and nature of traffic hitting the content in question and what the clients business model is. Finally, a good grasp of analytics is essential for tracking traffic, tests and results.

I’ll be kicking off this series of blog posts as soon as I can but for now here’s a sneak peak from Step 2 – Discover and Research your website, market and competition :

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