10 Benefits that would Convince even Scrooge to Invest in Conversion Rate Optimisation

by Qasim Ali

Justifying conversion rate optimisation (CRO) budgets

So you’ve done the research, spent hours reading blog posts and white papers, had in depth discussions with colleagues and attended seminars.

You’ve even got the nod of approval from the design team but you find still yourself sitting at your desk and wondering about that one ever so important thing it all hinges on…

How do you convince your boss to invest in Conversion rate optimisation?

Fear not, one thing I’ve had lots of experience with (unfortunately) is putting together budget allocation cases for digital media spend. I’ve gathered together a bunch of benefits, going beyond the maths that are aimed at justifying CRO to even the most toughest of bosses!

1. Get more Love from Google

“Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines“
“Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content“
Google Webmaster Guidelines

It’s no secret that Google’s algorithm is changing all the time. User engagement is a ranking signal and with further updates expected marketers need to pay even more attention to Google’s guidelines. Conversion rate optimisation techniques such as usability testing and user centric design directly improve page engagement metrics. We don’t know exactly how much weight Google passes to things like bounce rates but it’s safe to say these factors are becoming increasingly connected to a successful SEO campaign.

2. Increase Brand perception – aka Happier customers

Improving customer experience by allowing website visitors to more easily achieve their desired result will always produce an increase to the clarity of your brand’s USP and consistency. Happier customers mean more of everything – more sales and sharing but also an increase in the likelihood of getting backlinks.

3. Get a Better understanding of Your Customers

CRO is all about research, testing and analysis. Right from the start customer personas are created, studies undertaken, usability and split testing done and analysed. All of this data provides invaluable benefits that can be applied to all aspects of a business. Wondering if your customers will turn down your whitepaper download if you ask for their name and email address? Performable did, their split test recorded a massive 51% improvement in downloads when they asked for no personal data!

4. Get and stay Ahead of Your Competition

Being one step ahead of your competition can bring huge benefits to your business that go beyond "X amount in market reach and revenue". Digital marketing is an ever morphing and complex beast, with competitors invariably testing new techniques and tactics all the time, if you don’t stay with the pack you’ll inevitably be left behind.

5. Transfer learning’s to Other Channels

CRO tests design and copy to scientifically calculate what performs best for a specific customer type and business. These test results can also answer business wide questions such as product names, slogans and call to actions, these can be carried over to other marketing channel’s such as offline ads. A well known example of this is how Tim Ferris decided on the name of his first bestselling book (The 4 Hour of Work Week) by utilising Google Adwords to determine which Ad headline would get the most attention (you can watch him talking about how he did here – starts at 2:17).

6. Ensure your Digital presence is friendly with the Latest Technology

Smartphone users are increasing at exponential rates, with huge increases of 40%+ reported by Gartner from one quarter to the next! Are your websites usable on a mobile phone? How about tablets? CRO can test, fix and optimise customer journeys specifically for mobile devices.

7. Get Answers that are backed up by Statistically significant data

We’ve all experienced it, when it comes to design and copy everyone has an opinion and often an incorrect decision is made leading to loss in potential revenue. CRO relies on web analytics, conversion and tracking KPI’s that result from scientifically split testing 2 or more customer journeys. I personally love to simply send my clients one simple chart that shows clear, hard hitting success metrics without the need of any explanation, for example see this analytics snapshot of a landing page optimisation project that produced a 76% improvement in conversion rate.

8. Lasting Benefits

Once online content such as a campaign landing page has been optimised, any traffic sent to it will then benefit from the increased conversion. The effects of CRO are "permanent" meaning you will always see better returns from your traffic years down the line. This becomes especially obvious when compared to simply buying more traffic to get the same increase in Sales or Leads.

9. Increase Lifetime Customer Value (LCV)

Conversion otimisation improves your visitors experience so they are more likely to establish a relationship with your brand, with a better experience comes the direct benefit of increasing the chances that they will purchase additional services or products in the future.

10. Get big increases in Sales, Leads or Customers without having to drive additional visitors to your website.

The big obvious benefit, 2% conversion rate is better than 1%. The most significant return you can see from CRO is the increase in Sales or Leads, drastically improving the ROI from your online marketing spend.

A deal clincher when it comes to CRO:

In the majority of cases, for an established online business, you can demonstrate that the cost of doubling conversion rates is lower than the cost of doubling traffic.

So there you have it, you’re armed with the above guidelines that you can (hopefully) further expand and research for your specific business. You should then find that meeting with your boss at least a little bit easier.

Over to you

Is selling CRO easy or down right difficult for you? Or do you know anyone who is putting together a case for CRO? Shoot over this article – you might just save them a lot of headache :)


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